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In my portfolio, you will see a cross-section of what I like to do.  It's an undisciplined assortment of photography, sketches, mash-ups and computer-generated art.  I have much more and I am creating stuff all the time, but you can get a taste of the 'certain place' from where I view the world.  Eyeball my art and see what you think.  If something catches your eye, let me know.  I have printed things on archival quality paper for framing, on ready-to-hang canvas, and on brushed metal for a cool, alloy look.  Most of what you see here exists only on my computer or in very limited number of prints I have made for friends.  I have no overhead, no surplus of merchandise I have to move, and no deadlines.  Just a guy making stuff.


My name is Tim Brown.  By day, I am the principal of a fabulous elementary school.  But I use what free time I have to make art.  I write, play music, and have been dabbling in the visual arts since I was old enough to hold a crayon.  I am a member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe and love how the Ojibwe language has some words that don't really exist in English.  'Onzaabi' for example, translates literally as 'to look at from a certain place.'  I asked an elder one day if that is how he would translate it.  He smiled and said, 'Yes, but the certain place is from way up high, and you're looking down at things through the clouds.'

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